Dating journal entry quickbooks

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The transactions will not appear again the next time the tool is opened.Manually Cleaning Up Open Items Without CDR Clean up of a data file is often needed without the assistance of the tools in CDR.For example, setting the criteria to display invoices more than 180 days old and then sorting by customer name. While the two balances may offset each other, without action, they will remain on the books. The approach will depend on the volume of transactions that occur. It may be entitled something such as Inter Company.NOTE: If a customer has credit, the credit should be applied before writing off invoices. Determine which balance is lower, the amount in accounts payable or the amount in accounts receivable.

Fix Unapplied Customer Payments and Credits With CDR Within the Client Data Review feature is the Fix Unapplied Customer Payments and Credits tool.Write-Off Small Balances One method to easily write-off small balances occurs when the payment is recorded in the Receive Payments window. From the Open Invoices report, simply double click on the invoice with the open balance. Click on the History link at the top of the invoice to open the Transaction History dialog box. From the Transaction History dialog, click the Go To button to open the Customer Payment window. Select the option for Write off the extra amount shown below. Once Save & Close is selected, the Write Off Amount window is displayed and the general ledger account to which the write off is to be charged appears.The account to which the amount written off is then selected.Again, it is imperative that the Credit Memo and the Credit be for the same amount to facilitate an equal offset.An account must be charged on both the Credit Memo and the Credit.

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