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“If they didn’t know me, at least they knew I was going steady with somebody.” During the early 1940s, dates at Grinnell College consisted of open houses at the men’s halls, complete with games, music and of course, dancing.“Everybody danced and listened to music and had some pop,” Richard said.“When I got called up to active duty, that took care of it.” Richard was commissioned in the Navy on May 10, 1944, and on May 11, 1944, Richard and Bette were married. HOW HAS DATING CHANGED SINCE PRINCESS ELIZABETH FIRST “STEPPED OUT” WITH HER DASHING PHILIP?It was your hope that certain boys would tap your partner on the shoulder so you could dance with them.They were supposed to be known as the best dancers of the group and if you could dance with them, why, it was like another star in your tiara (laughs).” “You’d monitor every guy that was coming up,” Richard remembers. “The dance was from 9 to 1 so my mother knew exactly how long it took to get back to the house,” Bette laughs.Relationship site e Harmony tells Frost Magazine about the similarities and differences between dating in the 1950s and the 2010s In less than a week’s time Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip will stand side by side as the nation celebrates her sixty year reign.

But they committed to a long-distance relationship and filled their weekends with trips to Rock Island, Ill., Grinnell and Moline, Ill., where the Le Claire Hotel hosted dances.

Particularly if you are meeting in a public place (see below).

Collecting your date When date night arrived, the man would always organise the transportation.

In time for Valentine’s Day, I caught up with two members of that generation, Sister Bay couple Richard and Bette Gadient, whose love story goes back 75 years to a dance hall in Davenport, Iowa. “I had a blind date with his brother.” “Younger brother, the rat,” Richard laughs. Bigger, too, and tougher.” “We went to a movie and he mentioned that his older brother was going to Grinnell College in the fall and I happened to be going to Grinnell College in the fall so we set up a date at the Credit Island Golf Shop,” Bette says. The idea was that we both were going off to school.

“It was a building they rented out for parties in the golf course area,” Richard chimes in. “Even though you went on a date with his younger brother? I was from Rock Island, Illinois, and he was from Davenport, Iowa, and of course the Mississippi River is in between the two.” “Our generation danced a lot,” Bette adds.

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