Dating in high school is stupid

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The principal said the teacher was “mortified” and intended it to be a “light-hearted lesson in social norms,” but some social norms belong in the dumpster, not in the classroom.Katie Bolin started seeing her boyfriend in December of 2013.Teen romance may have been dissected a million ways by popular culture, but that dubious analysis pales in comparison to a recent study that followed the arc of teen dating from grades 6 to 12.“We see four trajectories,” says Pamela Orpinas, a professor of behavioral research at the University of Georgia and the lead author of the study, which included 600 students.(If we hold hands for three more minutes, we’ll get an A.View Apart/i Stock Photo) If you’re looking to whip up a good froth of righteous rage this morning, a Utah high school has got you covered with its wildly sexist homework assignment telling kids to go on “dates” with a member of the opposite sex.The grade-grubbing overachieving high school student in me is keenly interested in how this assignment will be graded.

Those who dated the most were shooting toward disaster: they were four times more likely to drop out of high school and reported twice as much substance abuse as those who were dating less.

Advice included: Fox 13 Salt Lake City shared a copy of the assignment the boys in the class got, and it was just as heteronormative and reliant o midcentury ideas of gender roles.

The boys’ assignment included advice like “Don’t gripe about the money you’re spending or don’t have.” Boys are also told to announce what they’re ordering at a restaurant so their date (who is apparently always female in this assignment) will have a guide in ordering.” This is such a weird, inappropriate assignment.

Salt Lake City mother Jenn Oxborrow was so astounded by the “ date” homework assignment her daughter brought home on Monday that she posted it to her Facebook page.

As part of a class in “Financial Literacy and Adult Roles,” which is a required class at Highland High School, Oxborrow’s daughter was given a pink piece of paper explaining her duties on a homework assignment that required her to “go out” on a date with a member of the opposite sex.

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