Dating european women vs american

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But with maturity, couldn't one find another way of loving?

I can imagine two deep friends and soul mates, two travelers from a distant asteroid (of the mind) reunited on this planet, whose bond was so deep, so abiding that they dared to experience other loves and even share them with each other.

It is just assumed that monogamy is rare, if not impossible, among lively people, and the question never comes up." Whether my friend's observation is true or not (for I have many European friends who do seem to care deeply about their mate's fidelity), it certainly does seem that Europeans see marriage differently than Americans do.

Marriage is for stability, friendship, children; love is for the adrenaline highs and lows of sexual madness, the romance of being appreciated by anew person, the joys of flirting, pursuing, and clandestine coupling.

We get up in the morning refreshed as if we had slept—because the sharing we have experienced has in fact been more refreshing than sleep.

I am a bonder, a marrier, who marries for love against all reason and who stays as long as love lasts.

If they are in fact open, we really don't want to know about it.

Perhaps we are witnessing here different ideals of the relations between the sexes rather than two different systems.

Europeans know that the two are by nature polar opposites.

Romantic love thrives on differences: She speaks Japanese; he only speaks Amurrican. Romantic love takes two unlikely people and brings them together despite the odds; married love takes two likely people and keeps them together against the odds.

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