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Marlow of Perth, you are thinking of Lori Mattix as the consenting 16 year old!Doesn't anyone think this song might just be a double entendre?I think it has two meanings and can be interpreted either way that is the beauty of it. It's a love song, a western man full of western values falls in love for a chinese girl, get's addicted to her, misses her when she's not around, loves her wildness, is scared of succumbing to her totally........references to Nazism, power, and domination are his attempts to warn her to stay away even though he wants her he doesn't want her corrupted....Stevie Ray Vaughan almost did do the tour, however Bowie told him that he would have to where the costumes and dance the choreography as the rest of the band.Hope you allow me to say this given that I'm a non-native speaker, too, and we all have our troubles with your nice little "th"es. The swastika and sacred cow thingy might refer to when he lived in West Berlin in the late '70s, during which he recorded the landmark "Heroes." And Joey Freer from NY, you are a racist.Anyway, a nice detail in the song, makes the speaker appear somewhat dubious and ambiguous (like Bowie in the video). Actually, Bob in Lakewood, OH, many people with a mental disorder DO KNOW that they have one. Also, its the BIPOLARS who most often suffer the feelings of grandiosity - NOT the psychotics.personnaly I think this song had a different meaning with iggy Pop and Bowie used it in a commercial way, I have the feeling he tried to give a sentimental meaning, the oriental attract by an occidental and this feeling occident tries to dominate world in destroying cutures and traditions.

The other line sounds like "It's in the way of my eyes" which comes after "Visions of swastikas in my head, plans for everyone." Maybe he is frustrated with not being able to see the real beauty of the world and other cultures, the ideals of a fanatical regime are coloring his view of the world. :)People can read into a song many meanings, that's the beauty of a good song. And apart from all that, China Girl is a catchy little number, a commercial success, just like modern China. It's someone talking to his drug, and his drug talking to him. More of an Iggy song than a Bowie Song."china girl" is one street name of an opioid that is similar to thorazine and other anti-psychotic drugs. t mess with me...etc" this is a symptom of an emotional conflict, a barrier to his getting the proper treatment for his condition, because he doesn't want to believe he has a condition (mentally afflicted people don't know they're experiencing an illness) 3.In the LP version, you can recognize that Bowie kind of imitates the way a prototypical non-native Asian speaker of English would pronounce the sentence "just you shut your mouth".It's not only the pronunciation of "mouth" but the whole diction that sounds somewhat "non-native".Two things - Bowie did NOT have different coloured eyes.His eyes were blue, it was only his damaged pupil in his left eye that made it appear a different colour. Geeling Ng has stated time and again that she did not have sex with Bowie in this clip.

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