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Please be aware that no personal details will be divulged without written consent of the member.

NFHS Facebook Group The NFHS Management Committee would like to invite all members to visit and join our newly launched Closed Facebook Group which may be accessed at https:// FHS/ This group will have up to the minute posts, discussion, Events Calendar, articles and photographs relevant to our Society.

We use relative pronouns: • after a noun, to make it clear which person or thing we are talking about: the house that Jack built the woman who discovered radium an eight-year-old boy who attempted to rob a sweet shop • to tell us more about a person or thing: My mother, as the object of a verb or preposition: This is George, whom you met at our house last year.

This is George’s brother, with whom I went to school.

Photocopying is available, also tea/coffee making facilities, and a microwave. All three include history of the burial site, maps, index of surnames, supplementary material (news items, obits, funeral/death notices, inquests etc) Book .00 $ p&p. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Old Wallsend Cemetery, NSW, 1863-1896 (2001) Includes an historical survey, three maps, index of surnames (127 pp.) Supplementary Material (270 pp.) (Edited by Elaine Sheehan, 2000) Book .00 .50 p&p. For description see A compilation of the burials recorded in twenty-three small cemeteries located in the Hunter Valley.

Our library is open every Thursday 1.00pm - 3.30 pm clearly and provide as much information as you can about the person/family to be researched. (Published by Brian Engel, 2006) For description see --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Newcastle West Burial Grounds (2000) Now available as one book or CD, fully indexed Presbyterian 1844-1881, 1,300 names, 125pp. The publication is based on short cemetery transcriptions held in the Newcastle Family History Inc. Designed to give the beginner an introduction to Family History research.

When Hi, Why ‘who’ is used instead of ‘that’ in the following sentence?

2017 Resolutions November 1, 2017 – Final Board Packet October 3, 2017 – Final Packet September 12, 2017 – Final Packet July 11, 2017 – Final Packet June 27, 2017 – Final Packet June 6, 2017 – Final Packet May 2, 2017 – Final Packet April 4, 2017 – Final Packet March 7, 2017 – Final Packet February 7, 2017 – Final Packet 2016 Resolutions December 6, 2016 – Final Packet November 1, 2016 – Final Packet October 4, 2016 – Final Packet September 13, 2016 – Final Packet July 12, 2016 – Final Packet June 7, 2016 – Final Packet May 3, 2016 – Final Packet April 5, 2016 – Final Packet March 1, 2016 – Final Packet February 2, 2016 – Final Packet January 7, 2016 – Final Packet 2015 Resolutions December 1, 2015 – Final Packet November 2, 2015 – Final Packet October 1, 2015 – Final Packet September 1, 2015 – Final Packet July 7, 2015 – Final Packet June 2, 2015 – Final Packet May 5, 2015 – Final Packet April 1, 2015 – Final Packet March 3, 2015, Final Packet February 3, 2015, Final Packet January 8, 2015 Final Packet 2014 Resolutions December 2, 2014 Final Packet November 11, 2014 Final Packet October 7, 2014 Final Packet September 9, 2014 Final Packet July 8, 2014 Final Packet June 3, 2014 Final Packet May 6, 2014 Final Packet April 1, 2014 Final Packet March 4, 2014 Final Packet February 4.But nowadays we normally use who: This is George, who you met at our house last year.This is George’s brother, who I went to school with.The CD-ROM editions have been recorded locally on best quality disks which use a colour change for the recording process. Discolouring and age made the diary difficult to read. For description see --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Irish Relief Fund List of Subscribers published in the Maitland Mercury in 1846 31 pages printed one side only, A4, thermal bound. Additional family member .50 Forms to download: must be paid before the 31st May or the joining fee will be incurred.This medium is not as robust as stamped, commercial disks. For description see Coalmining Related Deaths, Hunter Valley, New South Wales, 1926-1950 A companion volume extending the coverage of Nineteenth Century Coalmining Related Deaths, & Coalmining Related Deaths 1901-1925 Hunter Valley, NSW Compiled by Elaine Sheehan The book is A4 format, 263 pp., soft bound with plastic covers and metal spine. For description see --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Diaries of John Reid, Victorian Schoolmaster 1853-1856 Transcribed by NFHS A4, 134 pages. For description see This CD contains copies of the diary pages by an unknown author handwritten in a note book in 1859-60 during the 108 days journey of a young male emigrant in the sailing ship, “DIRIGO”, from Liverpool to Sydney. CD only: .00 .00 p&p --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Early Newcastle – the Fettered and the Free --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Geographical Encyclopædia of New South Wales Originally published by William Hanson, 1892 CD only .00 .00 p&p. Only financial members can vote at the Annual General Meeting.

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