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Personally I started because the summer months cause more sweat. The funny thing is, when I part my hair down the middle. God I love all this "picking hair out of my teeth"BS.

As an unshaved woman, who has had an unshaved/trimmed partner I have experienced the hair in the mouth issue maybe 3 times. I also second the comments about pubic hair being healthier. So many people seem to forget that the shaving thing is a relatively NEW craze...

The smell is not the sweat or fluids, but the byproduct of bacteria breaking it down - germ crap.i shave it all,i think women should b a bit more considerate to guys,if ye expect them to have their face down there then at least make sure hes not fighting his way through a forest,and ull get it more too so happy days!!

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.There was a period in time when NO ONE shaved their pubic hair and it was completely normal. Yes hair is there for a reason, but hell, it is un-hygenic for a man to shave his face?! No I don't think there is proof, so for me, It's all good!!!I don't hear people complaining when they kiss their partner on the head and get a hair. I would love to see some proof of this, because it's completely counterintuitive. All their users are single and if their app works, they lose two customers!Every few weeks, it seems that there’s a new dating craze happening — even faster than we can swipe right or left.

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