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meeting" with the then-editor of Gawker to demand coverage of this protostar; a trawl through the archives was called for. Attached is a photo I'm sure you'll want to frame. ————————————————————————————— From: "Nikola Tamindzic" Subject: Saturday Halloween photos Here are the three batches of photos — post as you like, I sorted them by party, and I'd suggest three posts out of this, milking the bitch dry, Gawker-style. No particularly interesting names, other than #08, of Merlin Bronques /, me, and Nicky Digital / Radar /

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Lastly, our very own Nick Denton throws a shindig for the few and fortunate, and don't you wish you got to lounge around on those famous couches (full gallery here).

Unfortunately, it appeared that most of the gift ideas (and some of the prose) had been cribbed from i Village, of all places.

Despite complaints about this, Baugher wasn't kicked off the paper; she recalls the paper's internal review as concluding that "I did not plagiarize in any way." The haters were just trying to advance a "personal agenda" of some kind.

Julia Allison used to be Julia Baugher, a sex-dating-relationship columnist for the Georgetown paper Hoya.

Way back in December 2002, she wrote a listicle detailing holiday gifts for your lovah, and what those gifts secretly mean.

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