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We’re going to find it difficult to give in to our hearts because we’re always a bit terrified of what we could lose. It’s not that we don’t want to feel happy; it’s that we don’t want to feel susceptible to what that happiness means.

If this isn’t happiness we’ve created for ourselves, for instance, like a great ad campaign or an intriguing article, we fear the possibility of it being taken away.

It’s sexy to have passion for a career that fulfills you.

We see it more as a fifth limb rather than a ball and chain.

We ladies don’t want to jump in the deep end and compliment you on your kindness or profound intellect. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself, but remember our positive traits.

How convenient that those Snap photos disappear after 8 seconds?

We want more out of life than what has been previously allotted. We control our destinies, and this makes us slightly fearsome, but also thoroughly impressive.

The Millennial woman shouldn’t be resented, gentlemen, but instead, needs to be embraced and accepted. We want to achieve substantial goals, not live vicariously through yours.

We’re extremely career-driven, goal-oriented and independent. Since we tend to gear towards this path in life -- to make our mark and leave the world with a legacy --, we also are inevitably emotionally unavailable.

We’re more interested in our latest project than we are in cuddling.

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