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Phil Irving's autobiography gives you historical perspective on the design, production and special magic of the Vincent motorcycle.

"Flat Out" gives you the essence of the man/tuner/rider and further details of that eventful day and the special machine.

Remember, not all people will have e-mail to contact you, so a phone number is always to your advantage. Non-matching numbers but complete, last run about two years ago. USA Comet Engine F5AB/2A/5843 8/23/13 Vincent motorcycle basketcase or complete bike, any model considered. The on-board camera successfully captures the sounds and exhiliration of motorcycle riding, especially when you are accompanied by another Vincent. Extensive inventory of Vincent parts with the refreshing attitude the customer is probably right. It is not a glance and toss fluff rehash of previously published data.

We recommend only a phone number for the first 2 weeks and then adding an e-mail address if your item has not sold in that time. Including a basic price avoids wasted effort on the part of the buyer and the seller. Mechanicals by Sam Manganaro, clutch by Scott Dell. Older motorcycle enthusiast is ready to buy and realize the dream of working on and putting another Vincent back on the road. The film will deepen your understanding and appreciation of Phil Vincent , Phil Irving , and Vincent factory employees who brought a dream to life. Hatfield has certainly reached deep into archives and personal recollections revealing interesting new insights into the man and the era.

By the end of his story we feel our tourguide on this enjoyable journey has shown us that Red-haired women and Vincent Black Lightnings can be both our salvation and our ruin.

What is powerful enough to carry us to the heavens can also crash us to earth.

Vincent Comet Daily Rider being fitted with D series SL1 front cowl for winter. Thanks, Frank @ 714-272-0462 Cell, Nov2013Vincent Comet in excellent condition. So it is with a man in his bathing shorts and bath slippers balanced precariously on the rear fender of a Vincent setting the American Motorcycle Speed Record at Bonneville...need to go back to the beginnings.

Mail checks to 'Grasshopper Films' at - 5B North Street, THAME, Oxfordshire, OX9 3BH, UK.

Any other buyer outside of this area will have to pay shipping costs. The video is available in NTSC / VHS format and costs including shipping to USA.The reason is that over the years several successful sellers and buyers have sent me free Vincent parts (our basket case is getting more complete !), one person sent several nice pieces of original Vin literature which they held onto when they sold their Vin through the website, and one East Coast Vincent owner routinely sends me 5% on every item he sells through the site !When asked about Evil Bay, I tell Vin owners to try to borrow some Vin parts from Ebay, ask about their next Vincent social event, try to get help setting up your timing chest, ask them a tech question about carbs, stop over for a free beer and see their Vincent model photo galleries and engine diagrams, let them help you with identifying models, serial numbers and sources of parts, call them up to share the excitement and joy of your first Spring ride, ask them to drive out with a van to pick you and your Vincent up when your magneto quits..... We worked for over an hour in the dim light before I could finally kick the reluctant dragon to life.It responded by filling the cellar with thick blue smoke, flashes of light from the backfires, and roars from the open exhaust.

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