Dating boxer fighter stress

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Former heavyweight boxer Magomed Abdusalamov in his family’s rented home in Greenwich, Connecticut .

The 34-year-old suffered cranial bleeding, a stroke and partial paralysis after a 2013 undercard boxing match at Madison Square Garden.

Photo: Angel Franco/The New York Times Mago is in the bedroom. The big man lies on a hospital bed with his bare feet scraping its bottom rail.

His head is propped on a scarlet pillow, the left temple dented, the right side paralysed. This is Magomed Abdusalamov, 34, also known as the Russian Tyson, also known as Mago. But Mago lost his 19th fight, his big chance, at the packed Theater at Madison Square Garden in November 2013. Now here he is, in a small bedroom in a working-class neighbourhood in Greenwich, Connecticut, in a modest house his family rents cheap from a devoted friend.

He later admitted to Mason that he was homeless and the coach invited him to move into his Overbrook Park home.

Upon returning, his coach, Kenny Mason dropped all the kids at their houses. It was tough and it was embarrassing." Williams soon moved to a shelter at the Kirkbride Center in his West Philadelphia neighborhood.Not long ago, the oldest lugged his championship belt to school for a proud show-and-tell moment. Then, tonight, there will be more puréed food and pulverized medication, more coughing, and more tender care from his wife, before sleep comes. He half-smiles, raises his one good hand, and forms a fist.Williams was homeless when he was 13 years old, living in a shelter that occupied the first floor of a Roosevelt Boulevard motel.What if their friend can no longer offer them this home? Sometimes he turns bluish, but Baka never shows fear. Some days he is wheeled out for physical therapy or speech therapy.Will they win their lawsuits against the five ringside doctors, the referee, and a New York State boxing inspector? Today, two massage therapists come to knead his half-limp body like a pair of skilled corner men. Then his three daughters, ages two, six and nine, will descend upon him to talk of their day.

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