Dating belgium browning a 5

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First, the engraving pattern was increased only two years after its introduction. The Lightning had been available in 12 gauge before the war, but production was stopped after the war.In 1955, both the 12 and the 20 were available in the Lightning grade.

It was time for Browning to do something about the situation, so Val Browning, son of the great John M.

Another reason was that the 16-gauge A-5, which was lightened considerably in 1936 as the “Sweet Sixteen,” was a great seller for Browning.

Anyone wanting a smaller gauge, lighter gun, bought the Sweet Sixteen. It put a hold on many Browning projects when the Nazis occupied Belgium.

The new “Twenty” was introduced in 1958 and became an immediate success.

Although Browning advertised it as weighing less than 6¼ pounds, to reach that weight you had to get a gun with a short, plain barrel, and hope the wood was not very dense.

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