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I picked up a new bottle of this just the other day.It was a blind buy, that I thought was safe due to all of the great reviews here. I can't tell the difference between it and One Million, which I have a full bottle also and NEVER wear.This is definitely one of the best fragrances that released in 2016. One spray and it feels like you just bathed in cologne.It settles down quickly so don't be afraid to spray vote is a solid 8, very good but not yet special. Armani Code sprinkled with a little bit of that One Million bubblegum.(this doesn't smell like One Million at all) Work show stopper, club popper and panty dropper. Fragrance -Armani Code Profumo Bottle from - 2017 Armani Code Profumo reminds me of a cool man looking for some fun after the sun goes down. IF YES PRIVATE MESSAGE ME & WE'LL WORK SOMETHING OUT. Please sample it before you buy it, Go to Macy's or Sephora and ask them for a 1 ml decant of this's free. As I sampled this one, the first thing I thought was Dr. My client agreed lol it's a nice fragrance, I was just surprised that it smelled so much like soda.Let’s get it straight this smells just like one million slightly more mature and lil bit more enjoyable my one million is low so I’m glad I purchased but if you own any one million or flanker no need to get this Edit - I hate when I write reviews cuz I’m pissed at top notes the code DNA does come out after 40 min- 1 hour and yes it is it’s own frag still has the one mil towned down with a darker original code dna thrown in this is one ladies will like just wait an hour after initial spray to go out if you don’t like the one million vibes at first This is a nice strong fragrance for night time in the Autumn and winter... It's a seductive,sexy, wicked,alluring,sweet and beautiful fragrance. As long as you keep smiling,you can't go wrong with this one. SKU Number: 3614271411815 Batch Number: 62N600 (Production Date: June 2016) Age: 21 From: Notino Size: 200 ML Scent: 6.5/10 (Meh, i expect more). It's spicy and sweet and quite classy, despite the soda.Wish i read @joenick68 & @shavenonthedarkside reviews before buying this thing. I recommend to invest money in very specific DIOR HOMME PARFUM (for mature sexy men), or Armani CODE (for romantic date, younger crowd) I got a bottle of this fragrance yesterday, 28/09/2017.

Girls love this scent and i got a few compliments like "you smell so delicious "! :p Uniqueness/smell : 10/10, (yes there are similar fragrances but not as sophisticated as this one) Longevity : 8.5/10 Projection : 9/10 Sillage: 10/10 Overall: 10/10. When I spray this I can't help but smell the applied area over and over again. I'm not sure how some people are making a connection to 1 Million, both the original or Prive. Judge for yourself rather than blindly believe the comparisons. Smells very warm and cozy and does have something animalic to it but not in a "urine and indoles" way. Sillage is gone but if I press my nose to it, I can still smell it! My closest fragrance to it that reminds me of this is my JPG Ultra Male.

The code is Full and the One Million is very close. It smells very warm, sweet, leathery, with a floral note that ties everything In together.

Mind you, I'm a 23 year old male and this scent has gotten me several complements whilst out and about clubbing.

i love the cardamomon on the start and i think that the heavy tonka bean has been made in a very good way, because sometime the tonka can be very disappointing in other perfumes (i even have ch men prive and i think that the tonka on armani is much much better and classy). i think that is good but not to original or particular, for sure is sexy and warm, but you have to like the sweetness. I don't know where to start with this cologne, it lasts 12 hours silage is long and strong.

this is a very good product, maybe too expensive (i do not know why is so expensive and also more expensive that acqua di giò profumo) but if you need this kind of scent, i think is one of the best, and sometime you need this kind of scent. I wear this on dates with my wife when im really dressed up, this is a classy cologne. manly scent with not so much in common with armani black code, very similar though not better or worse just different. First time I am wearing it, and yes I can say I like it, is a nice fragrance but I am not putting it my love ones yet, and probably I won't since I was not that impressed by it at the very first sniff.

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