Dating armand marseille dolls

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327 Dome head, Gebruder Heubach, with a pouty-mouth Mark: 0 (horizontal ellipse), Germany, 23 (upside down), 99 (in green ink), Gebruder Heubach Five-piece body; 8 ½ inches Intaglio, dark blue eyes, looking straight ahead Dome head; molded hair; pouty mouth Reference: Alt, Beck & Gottschalck Toddler Mark: ABG 1361 50 Bisque socket head; open mouth; two teeth Jointed, bent-limb, 11-piece toddler body, composition Glass eyes, sleep eyes; lashes 22" tall Reference: 200 Years of Dolls, 3rd Edition, by Dawn Herlocher; pg. Kallus; Germany 45 Celluloid head on cloth body with composition arms and legs Manufactured by Gebruder Heubach, circa 1925 Sold Molded, one-piece, china doll Black, molded early hair-do Pink, tinted cheeks; red lips Mark: Germany 2 The names Frozen Charlotte for girls and Frozen Charlie for boys are used for figures of dolls that have the arms to the front with hands; usually modeled as if holding the edge of a sled....

50 Mark: Nippon 1120 Bisque head; socket neck Open mouth, two teeth Painted upper and lower lashes and brow Brown sleep eyes Molded and painted hair Bent legs for sitting; straight wrists and ankles Dimples in back shoulders Mark: Made in Germany A Kestner, bisque, socket head with a cutout for voice mechanism Identified as a Kestner #211 mold or #152 by the doll head features and the Made in Germany lettering style Dome pate under a mohair wig Paper-weight, blue sleep eyes Winged, feathered brows Jointed, composition body Open mouth; molded tongue; four, square, upper teeth Sold Bisque head; composition body Body jointed at neck, arms, and legs: straight wrists and anklees Brown sleep eyes; painted upper and lower lashes Painted, feathered brows, hair Open mouth with two with upper teeth Mark: 201 C-11 SQ; Germany Blue, glass eyes; bisque socket head Sleep eyes; feathered brows Open mouth; two teeth; velvet tongue 5-piece bent limb baby body, 14" tall Crier mechanism Schuetzmeister & Quendt made dolls,1893—1898. These dolls figure date from the 1850s into the 1900s; also known as Pillar dolls.

Cloth body; dome head with 13-inch circumference Doll length: 18 inches Closed mouth, painted tongue, two top teeth Molded, painted brows and hair; open and close eyes MARK: Baby Gloria; Germany Bisque, solid dome head; flange neck Brown glass eyes/fixed Open mouth; two top teeth Composition hands and feet Molded and painted hair with front curl and back molded curls Dating from 1885-1930 Length: 18 inches Mark: Copyright by Grace S. The Greiner patent issued in 1858 by the US Letters Patent Office expired 21 years later in 1879 when other doll makers were free to make dolls in the Greiner fashion.

Putnam, Made in Germany Stamp on cloth body in red ink: Bye-Lo Baby Pat. Source: “Spinning Wheel Complete Book of Dolls” by Albert Christian Rev Paper mache doll head in the style of Minerva; possibly a Greiner Greiner dolls were made from the 1850s into 1900.

German bisque dolls are often cherished collectibles and handed down from generation to generation.

These high quality, well made dolls will hold their value over time.

(underlined) Also, a mark with a crescent over a dot Body stamped Germany Mohair, red, braided wig Open mouth; four square teeth Open-close eyes Dense eyelashes; painted-feathered brows Jointed body; toes and fingers outlined in red Leather shoes marked JJ and Trademark 14 1/2" German Bisque French body Mark: DEP 4 Depose or Deponiert German, bisque head; set, brown glass eyes Open mouth, top teeth/square shape Jointed, composition and wood body Pierced ears; painted, feathered brows; human hair wig Reference: 200 Years of Dolls, Dawn Herlocher; pg. 93 22-Inch, Simon Halbig Child Doll Mark: 570, Simon & Halbig, Germany Mark (body): Heinrich Handwerck Germany Ca.

The firm was located in the Thuringia region which hosted many pottery firms because of the natural deposits of clay found there.

German dolls were not as elegant or fancy as French porcelain dolls nor were they in the form of adults but rather, these German dolls took on the likeness of children, toddlers, and even babies.

When it comes to German bisque dolls which are the most common types of china dolls, the firm established by Armand Marseille in Germany had a strong foothold on the market.

74 Turtle trademark in a diamond: Baby Bo-Kaye; Reg. 174 Bisque head with blue-gray paperweight eyes and vintage wig Imported by George Borgfeldt & Co., New York City GB imported thousands of these dolls between 1881 and the1950s Dolls were typically marked G.

B., Floradora, My Playmate, or Alma Made for a cloth or kid body Source: Mark: 33 Molded and painted blonde hair Length of doll, 19 1/2 to 20 inches Glass eyes; painted lashes; feathered brows Closed mouth Kid forearms and hands Muslim body and felt legs Body, hard-packed with mohair Suited in a wool-like gabardine, three-button jacket (hankie in pocket) and pant Mark: 1902 - 8/0 Made in Germany(mark includes the horseshoe trademark of Ernest Heubach: Horseshoe) Kid and cloth body; bisque forearms and hands Cloth legs and feet, cloth Open mouth; teeth; chin dimple Fixed eyes Mark: Germany; H-13 Century Dolls Co.

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