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The 54-year-old Auburn man has lied to them numerous times, and Larson acknowledged that detectives can't be certain he is being as forthcoming now as his memory will allow.She said detectives believe that they'll still be able to talk to him in prison if questions emerge. Ridgway has also acknowledged that he may have killed even more recently and as long ago as the 1970s, but he either couldn't or wouldn't offer more specifics, according to court documents. She used to be a French teacher at his private high school in Amiens, northern France.She also ran the theatre club where he was a budding actor.He doesn't remember faces," said Detective Kathleen Larson, spokeswoman for the Green River Task Force.

French media reports that the couple often escapes to their country home when not on duty in Paris.His arrest, she said, didn't sound like her husband, who had never talked to her about prostitutes.And she said her husband told her he pleaded guilty to the charge "because it would've cost a whole lot for the lawyers." Judith Ridgway also knew that detectives investigating the Green River killings had searched the Ridgways' home in April 1987.In his deal with prosecutors, he agreed to continue cooperating with detectives for up to six months.He had already submitted to almost daily interviews at the task force's office, where they'd been keeping him in a small, secured room.

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