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For these messages, there are patterns in the subject lines, the content of the messages, and the way in which the messages have been sent from an automated system. Subject lines known to have been used between August 2015 and mid-May 2016. be preparedbetter than everbrainteaserbreaking newscast your mind backcoolcool newscool peoplecool placecool places to visitcool stuffcooler than evercould never imagine something like thatcould that be real? extremely useful stufffantasticfantastic placefeedbackfound some nice stufffound the solutionfreelancefresh infofunny stufffuss Fw: a bit of news Fw: a couple of questions Fw: a lot of cool stuff Fw: a note from a friend Fw: a question Fw: a splendid dinner Fw: advanced learning Fw: amazing article Fw: amazing day Fw: amazing days out of town Fw: amazing meeting Fw: amazing new stuff Fw: amazing people Fw: an amazing article Fw: an important piece of information Fw: announcement Fw: any ideas? Fw: article issues Fw: at long last Fw: awesome book Fw: be prepared Fw: brainteaser Fw: cool news Fw: cool people Fw: cool place Fw: cool stuff Fw: cooler than ever Fw: could that be real? Fw: improvement Fw: info Fw: information Fw: inspiration Fw: interesting Fw: interesting article Fw: interesting articles Fw: interesting book Fw: interesting information Fw: interesting moments Fw: interesting stuff, just take a look Fw: ironic comments Fw: isn't it cool? gossipgratefulgreat adventuregreat appgreat articlegreat journeygreat newsgreat news or yougreat place to visitgreat stuff for summergreat stuff for you Greetings! One characteristic of these emails is that messages have been sent out in repeated waves.The subject line has varied over time with new subject lines appearing periodically. couldn't imagine smth like thatcozy and homelike placecrazy daycrazy stuffcreative mindcurious caseday full of surprises Dear friend! Fw: couldn't imagine smth like that Fw: cozy and homelike place Fw: crazy day Fw: crazy stuff Fw: creative mind Fw: day full of surprises Fw: different stuff Fw: do you like that stuff? Fw: it is amazing Fw: it's never too late Fw: it's really not a joke Fw: it's shocking Fw: Jeez! my dear Greets Greets :)Greets =)group of turistshappy))hard factshave you been there yet? There may be five or six days between the sending of messages which appear to have been sent from your email account.“Bara Kuthi”, 18th century’s Dutch trading house was made the administration building. Itrat Hossain Zeberi was the first Vice-Chancellor of the University. During the early days of inception classes were held at Rajshahi Government College.

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After its foundation on July 6, 1953, the university has passed 64 years providing higher education and research.Over the years of its existence, the PRODEXPO exhibition has played an important role in stimulating the Russian food industry.Promoting high-quality foodstuffs to the domestic market, the PRODEXPO trade show contributes to implementing high-priority federal projects aimed at improving the quality of life of the Russian citizens.PRODEXPO is the largest annual specialized exhibition in Russia and Eastern Europe.For more than 20 years, it has determined the development of the domestic food industry.

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