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While we speak about this genre of music, it will be best to talk about some of the best tracks that have been released till date.Some of the best darkwave tracks released till date are: Joy Division has always been one of those Goth bands that were comparatively less substantial and theatrical that the contemporary groups of that time as that of “Bauhaus,.” Their albums and records have primarily focused one unmistakable dread, unrequited love and mortification and guilt that was nothing very different from the Goth ideals.If you want to break the ice at a place like the 19 Bar, I would recommend starting with something clever and intelligent.Even an intentionally lame pick-up line would probably only garner you an eye-roll, or maybe a blank stare.It was even mentioned in several reports how the song picked up influences from The Chameleons and Wire.

Their second album, Closer has been one of the most dreadful yet amazing albums that have been witnessed in the Goth music genre. The Cure has always been one of the most critically acclaimed gothic bands of their time.

From what I’ve seen, most of the gays and lesbians in this town know what they want and don’t feel the need to waste time using made-up personas in an attempt to make strangers they meet at bars talk to them.

Leave that to the ‘Chads’ and ‘Brads.’ What about areas of Minneapolis other than uptown and downtown? I’ve spent many a night on the West Bank, at the Nomad or the Triple Rock, where the recently ended Tuesday two-for-ones night led many a wanton drunk astray to a backdrop of pounding rap songs.

Granted, I have been in recent situations where the person I was sleeping with had slept with one or maybe even two people I was acquainted with or even considered friends. You may, however, be watching this scene from venues like the recently opened Belmore/New Skyway Lounge, on 3rd Street. Just an eclectic collection of friends and strangers alike, enjoying affordable drinks and good music.

However, this provided for an uncomfortable and awkward situation. This is where I was, on a date, last month during Terma Festival, a goth/industrial/darkwave music event where patrons, dressed overwhelmingly in matte black, gathered to see local acts like Claps and The Funeral and the Twilight, and out-of-town artists including Youth Code and White Car. The conversations overheard outside while smoking cigarettes ranged from intellectual debates to openly (intelligent) flirtatious banter.

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