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Between the two needles is thin, clear tubing and a machine that filters her blood. Clair Shores, where Mitchell goes for dialysis, said the machine filters as much blood as half of an IV bag every minute.

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Blood is pulled out of Mitchell's body through one needle and pushed in through the other. Mitchell's blood is visible in the tubes, filter and a part of the machine that appears to be spinning the blood like a front-load washing machine. "Without dialysis, I would be dead."Randy Letwak, a registered nurse who works at Fresenius Kidney Care St.Lisa Mitchell, Danielle Mitchell's mom, works midnights so she can go to dialysis with her."I would never let her sit alone, that's for sure," Lisa Mitchell said.Heather Reno, Danielle Mitchell's aunt, has gone to dialysis with Mitchell a couple of times and said that sometimes, Mitchell goes from having full conversations to pale and sweaty within an hour.The scabs on Danielle's left upper arm that were left from the last treatment are scraped off, and needles that are about as thick as lumber nails are inserted into what Mitchell called "buttonholes." The wounds have been there so long that they are similar to piercings, Mitchell said, and the needles can go in the same spots for every treatment, helping to minimize pain.Because they are so thick, Mitchell had to have a vein and an artery fused together and brought to the surface of her arm to create a fistula.

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