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And then you'd lean to, and you'd cuh - and then while you're massaging your breasts, you'd lean towards me for me to massage them so you can work, those [incoherent stuttering] massage on yourself for you so I could be the massager for you.Then I will put my hands on your breasts, feels SO good, my hands, they feel so lovely, the first skin contact I feel as such between me as the man and you as the woman. My bulge gets bigger, and you might start to feel a little wet down there in your panties, 'cause that would be the precum that you would extrude from this first, this um, this first erection there. And you would, then you would come down and after another makeout when you'd massa - and I'm touching your breasts, you'd make your way down from my head you'd take off my underwear, and then you'd massage my erect penis, and then you'd lick it a bit like an ice cream cone.

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Please help the CWCki by replacing or restoring these links. "Two Front Teeth" CWC sings "All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth" in a squeaky voice, then informs the listener that the original song contains a whistle. "THE POWER OF THE SUN" I'm in my house now [rustling noises] uhh..was written, I got this housecoat from, uh, from Goodwill. I have actually looked it up, it's like 5 6 or 7 inches, and what I've seen for you know, the plastic dildos, they're like 5 to 7 inches themselves. Well, you were asking me about how I masturbate, there, uh, so yeah.Yeah, we actually have a local one over here in Charlottesville, it's called, uh it's called Bliss, I think it is. Yeah, just imagine having this up your vagina, and uh, it vibrating. I have have this one, I have this one, this one tucked away in a drawer. Actually, I have, I have like a bunch of condoms, that expire like 2010, which I've been saving for uh, for uh my first time, or uh, you know, the ones after, the ones after that. I'm imagining, a bedroom, there's the bed, well, let's see a hotel room, basic one or two beds, lamp, a television in front of the beds, or bed. Yes, I'm fairly innocent myself, but as I've revealed of myself, I see the down and dirty. I've seen that happen, I've seen that happen, their whole hand. It's particularly, it's typically like a hunk of plastic molded in the form, the shape like the shape like an average-size, uh... I wish I could say I have but I haven't - I've only seen them on television or in the movies. Right, so anyway, most of the time, if they can get their middle fingers into their vaginal entry, for pleasuring themselves, they'll sometimes, if they can reach, they might put all of their fingers in there or if it fits their whole hand? Yeah it is...well, that's good for you, that's good for you. What I learned from porn #3 But anyway as I was saying you know, just as you know, when you masturbate, you don't have to use your fingers, you could like, uh, find something that's like, you could use like a banana, or a pickle, I mean, it would be a waste of a fruit, but if you used a banana, you could still eat the insides. Not too many men are picky about how tight it is, I mean like you know, if you end up going, "Oooh, that's so TIGHT. " Yeah, but they're not going to be too picky about how tight it is. If girls like, you go out and find like an adult store and get what's called a dih-do [he pronounces 'dildo' all weird].

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