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These can be particularly helpful when there are complications either in this or previous pregnancies.A late scan can help determine the health of the baby by measuring the baby’s growth and the amount of fluid around it.You do not have to have a scan if you do not wish to.Please discuss with your midwife/GP/Consultant if you require further information or wish to avoid any particular scan.An ultrasound is a black and white image, seen on a TV screen, created by sound waves.It is usually painless and current evidence demonstrates it is harmless to both you and your baby.You will need to have decided before your scan if you wish to know the baby’s sex and ask the sonographer before the scan begins.Unfortunately we are not able to offer you a repeat scan just to find out the sex of the baby if not seen at time of your routine scan.

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An early scan is sometimes performed vaginally (internally) especially if very early in pregnancy, however, scans are usually only performed earlier than 12 weeks when there is a clinical indication, for example if there has been bleeding or concern about an ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy in the fallopian tube).As part of your antenatal care ultrasound scans will be offered to you at approximately 12 weeks and 20 weeks of pregnancy.Occasionally it is advisable for a woman to have several scans to check on her pregnancy.When you have had your scan you will need to go to the nearby phlebotomy clinic to have a blood test.It is important that this is done immediately after the scan.

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