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The buildup of liquid in the lungs can be observed in a chest X-ray or a CT scan.Pneumonias caused by bacteria can be treated with antibiotics, as can those caused by mycoplasma.Viruses cause about half of all cases of pneumonia.Mycoplasma causes the illness called "walking pneumonia," so-called because people who have it are not confined to bed.Pneumonia always causes a cough, which often produces sputum.Red-brown, green, or yellow sputum may be a sign of bacterial infection.A fungus called Pneumocystis carinii is usually seen only in people who have AIDS.This parasite is normally harmless, but in people with HIV it can cause an aggressive and often fatal pneumonia.

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Typically, viral pneumonia causes these symptoms: When diagnosing pneumonia, your doctor will perform a physical examination and check for fever and swollen glands.

Some provinces provide an influenza vaccine free of charge.

A pneumococcal vaccine developed for children to protect against disease caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae is recommended as part of the primary series of immunizations for infants.

In addition to infectious diseases, people can get pneumonia from chemicals that enter the lungs and inflame them.

Aspiration pneumonia is caused by accidentally inhaling food, vomit, or digestive acid into the lungs.

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