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Hundreds of billions of dollars escape IRS collections every year.So who is the American tax cheat secretly keeping their cash while the rest of us have to pony up?They’ll hunt for income in overseas accounts, the secret vaults of criminals and even your checking account.CNBC goes inside the IRS's Forensic lab in Chicago to see how Special Agents use CSI technology to uncover even the most hidden evidence of tax fraud.BMW also faces daunting competition, not only from other German manufacturers like Audi, but also from carmakers in Japan, Korea -- and soon, China.BMW: A Driving Obsession is the fascinating story behind a once small, struggling company that transformed itself into a global luxury car powerhouse, and is now going flat out to maintain its edge.The Remington 700 is one the world’s most popular firearms.

the aroma, the taste, the sense of gathering a cup of coffee brings.

The goal could be a 10-minute blackout, an attack on our national security, a stock trading glitch or the theft of millions of dollars worth of intellectual property. CNBC’s "Code Wars", hosted by Melissa Lee, takes you onto the frontlines of the war on cyber.

The FBI has recently made cyber crime a number one priority, one that costs the U. Cyber attacks are almost impossible to trace, making cyber crime and acts of cyber warfare the ultimate anonymous crime.

Did this iconic American company go too far in protecting its signature product?

The Facebook Obsession is the real story behind the rise of the largest social-media site in the world, told through the company's founders, friends and foes.

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