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As of 2011, ARC was no longer in the Plasma Services industry. blood bank to implement a Nucleic acid testing (NAT) study.The Red Cross supplies Baxter Bio Sciences with items for the manufacturing of plasma products. This process is different from traditional testing because it looks for the genetic material of HIV and hepatitis C (HCV), rather than the body's response to the disease. These tests detect the genetic material of a transfusion-transmitted virus like HIV without waiting for the body to form antibodies, potentially offering an important time advantage over current techniques.

A preservative solution is mixed with the red cells and the component is filtered with a leukoreduction filter. ARC is moving toward system-wide universal prestorage leukocyte reduction to improve patient care.

From 1976 through 1985, the FDA received reports of 355 fatalities associated with transfusion, 99 of which were excluded from further review because they were unrelated to transfusion or involved hepatitis or acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

While the FDA has not yet made a leukoreduction a requirement, ARC took a leading role in implementing this procedure with a goal of leukoreducing all blood products. Each year, the Red Cross invests more than million in research activities at the Holland Laboratory and in the field.

Community-based blood centers supply 50% and 6% is collected directly by hospitals.

In December 2004, ARC completed its largest blood processing facility in the United States in Pomona, California, on the campus grounds of the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

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