Christopher eccleston dating 2016

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ITV have announced the new leading cast members for the continuation of drama series Safe House.

Taking the lead this time around is Stephen Moyer, best known for playing vampire Bill Compton in HBO’s schlocky southern gothic horror True Blood.

Matt Smith Doctor Eleven has been fairly quiet since his departure from the show at the end of 2013 (with only the lamentable Lost River and Terminator Genisys to his name) but this year looks like the year of Smithy as he hits the small and big screen in huge ways.

First up we’ll see him in the expensive Netflix series The Crown, looking at the life of a young Queen Elizabeth II from The Queen writer Peter Morgan.

"So thank God, it's so much easier dating when you've got a little group that's going through the same thing."Unfortunately, we then completely freaked Stephanie out when we pointed out that there could be more drama if feelings start kicking in…"Oh God, I didn't even think about that!

Fans will get to see her exit play out on tonight's episode, but they won’t be without Danni on their screens for very long.

She is rumoured to be appearing on Celebrity Big Brother when it returns in January – unlike the show's last winner Stephen Bear who has since ruled out his return to the house.

Eccleston, aged 51, said he hoped the film would "fight the misunderstanding and fatalism that surrounds dementia in our society".

He said: "We have to think differently about dementia.

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