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While the show presents a fascinating, grueling competition showcasing superb ink art, it has been petitioned by the Writers Guild of America East for potential rights violations with its Original Media employees who claim the they have been underpaid for overtime, and that one Ink Master employee filed a sexual harassment lawsuit.But regardless of its operational issues, the show remains a riveting and popular competition, and is credited for drawing many new people to the artistic world of tattooing.Apprenticeships are hard to find, as they are not a standard program.Masters must agree to take on students to learn with them. They are forced to scrub floors, clean toilets, wash cars, picked up dry cleaning, picked up girlfriends and were broke a lot. Some work for years with their masters to gain skills, and wait for their masters to decide it is time for them to work on a real person.He created a documentary, Mourning Son, about that part of his life.

Ink Master puts masters and apprentices together, and their close relationships during the competitions makes tempers fly and passions erupt.Peck is a co-owner of the Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas, Texas; True Tattoo in Hollywood, California; and he holds a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for tattooing 415 number 13 tattoos within 24 hours. He is known primarily for his membership in Jane’s Addiction, and for his role as host of Ink Master.The three regular judges have appeared in all shows aired so far.The winner is awarded 0,000 and the Ink Master title.The show’s judges and guest judges are the best artists in the business and tattoo experts.

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