Chely wright dating lauren blitzer

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Country singer Chely Wright's career really took off in the late 1990s with such popular country songs as "Shut Up and Drive" and "Single White Female." In 2006, Wright went through a difficult time, nearly committing suicide. But she put those desires aside to pursue a musical career.Part of her heartbreak came from years of hiding her sexuality. From a very early age, Chely Wright knew two things about herself: She loved music and she was different than the other girls. "I'd made a deal with God early on that I'll go without love in my life, just give me music," she later explained.The country music artist is aware that many critics will see her homosexuality admission as a PR move in light of her new book and new album, but simply tells Entertainment Weekly: Earlier this week, Chely Wright came out as gay.But that's not the most dramatic news this country music singer has to share with the world.

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Now that she's out of the closet, Chely Wright isn't holding anything back.

Wright later said that she even received death threats.

Around this time, Wright also released on a new album, , comprised of many songs written during her recovery.

Wright felt it was time for her to be truthful and open about her sexuality..

Wright came out as the first openly gay country star in 2010, around the time of the book's publication. Some fans offered their support, while others sent her hate mail.

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