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(You Tube) (01/03/17) MATH problems designed to exclude smart JEWS from MOSCOW State University (PDF) (01/02/17) Did you know that scientists once looked in chickens eye and discovered weird new state of matter? (12/11/16) Chemistry teachers: Joanne subjects Gummy Bears to a screaming potassium chlorate Hell (12/10/16) Surfing reality.

Sting ray, Thailand's Maeklong River (01/22/17) Glimpse the past. The Buchla 200e, 1970 (01/18/17) "Glass aliens from dimension X" (01/17/17) Student's secret message revealed, inserted in a physics essay on scientist Niels Bohr (01/16/17) Earliest known European piece of polyphonic music discovered (01/15/17) The real reason your very body is powered by quantum tunneling, entanglement, and more... Actually, these are Fire Agates (01/09/17) The "1000 Colors Puzzles." The world's most frustration or satisfying puzzle? X-ray image of a pregnant cat with 6 kittens (01/07/17) Something looks a little unnatural about this deer (01/06/17) Mesmerizing Photos Capture the Flight Patterns of Birds (01/04/17) What does a hole through a hole in a hole actually look like? "Consumer Evaluations via Physical Contact with Disgusting Products" (PDF) (12/18/16) Here is an interesting graphical essay on "happiness" (12/17/16) A Travel Guide for the Fourth Dimension (12/16/16) Scientists thank "caffeine molecule" in their paper's Acknowledgements (12/15/16) This is humor that involves linear regression (12/14/16) Picking Pickovers Brain, Part One (12/13/16) Looks like an alien arrival, but really, it's PASCOMSAT (12/12/16) Back when light bulbs needed instructions....

Animated Centipede Brain Universe Mystery of Mia Human History Moog God Glass Worm 9999 Cables and God Square Reality Sphere Puzzle Gibson, Christ, Error Laurie Dhue Tiffany Shlain Da Vinci Code Iraq Insect Stone Face Corpse chess Creating life Chaos Scope Bathypelagic Woman Woman Fused Bird Crying 1000 Golems Woman & "Apples" Einstein Maze Mystery Dog Phyllodocida Twin Creatures Wasp Woman Woman on Bus Woman with Device-1 Woman with Device-2 Woman with machinery Heterochromous woman with eye Ultralineamentum Woman Fungi Mysterious message Paris Reality Woman with alien Red Button Recursive Mouth - .... (Dain Fagerholm) (09/16/16) Poll results: 11% of people in U. think that America could be run by Lizard People (09/15/16) Reality shatter.

A moderate level of noise enhances creativity (10/03/16) The man with 1,000 Klein Bottles UNDER his house (10/02/16) Examples of when "mathematics accidentally discovered" something about the world (10/01/16) Brain car (09/23/16) Download 100s of Free Art Books From the Getty Museum (09/22/16) I typed Fractal Monster into Google and found this image (09/21/16) This image shows a snake climbing a brick wall (09/20/16) Mathematics and Beauty: Floating Kleinian groups (09/19/16) Why some drivers in China intentionally kill the pedestrians they hit? Human faces recognized as a cat face by a cat face-detection algorithm (09/17/16) Wigglegram, a 3D Effect.

As people like Donna Brazile slowly come out and tell the truth about the Democratic Party and the 2016 election, the Leftist-spun Russia narrative is collapsing. Sears was replaced by William Casey, with Edwin Meese and Michael Deaver getting more involved in the campaign and all of them urging to let "Reagan to be Reagan."In an effort which would make Mao and Stalin proud, China is getting families into the spying game.

We now know that if anyone was "collusion" with Russia, whatever that is, it was Hillary and Bill, and all their minions. To celebrate its first National Security Education Day on Nov. we are witnessing firsthand the new hybrid warfare of the 21st century — cyberattacks, disinformation, financial shenanigans, social media manipulation and corruption — a combination of weapons for which the West has yet to find an effective defense. Ron Wyden, Oregon Democrat, would begin to roll back warrantless encroachments on our international communications privacy authorized by section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Amendments of 2008.

Watch the You Tube (04/26/17) Magnetic putty come alive, swallowing a metal-like cube (04/25/17) Looks like an ancient god reached toward Earth, heralding a new age (04/24/17) The Claw of Sharabha.

By Chou Ota (04/28/17) Horror movie plot generator (04/27/17) Smart Baby.

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Over The Ocean - "I Will Be Silent" (04/17/17) In rural North Dakota, a strange pyramid has been found (04/16/17) Why do university admissions love to see CALCULUS on high-school transcripts? A lot of people were BORN in September (04/14/17) Tesla wall lamp (04/13/17) "My favorite Platonic solid is the regular dodecahedron, with 12 faces and 20 corners" (04/12/17) Shiver. (04/11/17) Conductive ink in a pen allows you to draw working electrical circuits.

Green fluorite crystal, with cubic & octahedral faces (11/26/16) Great scientists on U. stamps (11/25/16) This is an article on The Hoof of Archimedes (11/24/16) A majority of teachers in England plan to quit in next two years (11/23/16) Impressive 1884 lithograph.

(11/29/16) Math steps, for kids of all ages (11/28/16) The Harlingue monowheel in April 1914 ("aerial tractor") (11/27/16) Beautiful geometries everywhere.

"Vivae pics partium corporis humani..." (10/09/16) Man Spends ,000 On Supercomputer That Only Plays Tetris (10/08/16) Sometimes the beauty of physics and optics is a form of poetry, or of love (10/07/16) Imagine if evolution shaped us for musical output (10/06/16) Rainy Cafe.

This is a bat embryo (10/11/16) 76 Viral Images From That are Totally Fake (10/10/16) 3-D book, 1566.

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