Channing tatum dating 2016

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UPDATE #2: I just found this article online with a quote from Channing Tatum’s dad where he talks about the whole Amanda/Channing picture issue: AMANDA AND CHANNING HOOK UP Innocent starlet Amanda Bynes has fallen for her older She’s the Man co-star, Channing Tatum.

But heartache is lurking around the corner, as he’s still dating another woman whom he’s been seeing for the past six months.

He explained: ''We were on our first trip together, in Hawaii, trying to find this waterfall. We shared it by the side of the road.''Related: Channing Tatum Set To Make Directional Debut & Possibly Star In 'Leonard Peacock'He goes on to explain the secret to a long and healthy relationship, citing honesty as the cause for their happiness: ''I think communication and being brutally honest about the things that you want.

There was a trail with markers and stuff, but we had to walk for about four and a half hours [to find it]. It starts to get dark, so we're jogging back a little quicker.

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This led him to believe that she was the woman he was destined to spend his life with.“She’s been in Japan working for the past three weeks, but they’ve been in touch nearly every day she’s been gone.” Glenn — who says Channing and Amanda were in NYC to do promotional work for their film — adds: “Friendships were formed [during filming], and many of these people have stayed in touch, including Chan and Amanda.” We’ll see.Obviously, his dad is talking about Channing being in a relationship with Jenna.Well don’t worry, because in addition to being extremely hot, he seems to also be a good boyfriend. Funny how in route to kissing someone’s cheek it can appear that you are in a liplock.Once he found out that these rumors were going around, he had his people talk to various websites that were spreading the rumors, let them know he was not dating Amanda Bynes and that they are just friends. After Amanda-gate, I am sure that he was more careful about being so friendly to Hollywood starlets not named Jenna.

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