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In 1834 the Bannatyne Club also published the text of the Norman-French MS., in which the spelling of the proper names differs considerably from that of the texts of Tytler and Nicolas. And on Saint Georges daie the xxiij day of Aprill cam newes to the Kynge that they of Scotland had besegeid the Castell of Dunbarre that longed to the Erie Patrik* the whiche holded strongly with the Kynge of England. The Wednesdaie ^ Roxburgh Castle was sui Toudered to Edward by Jntnes the Steward of Scotlaud, who swore fealty to England, and abjured the French alliance. ^ Following the organ and choristers, images of the patriarchs and apostles were sent by James for the adornment of his chapel.

As the Scottish nation could never be brought to recognise this superiority, the opportunity of Edward's troubles with France and Wales was promptly seized for throwing off the English yoke. 6 went to Kynge Garden ^ a faiour manour ; the Thui'sdaie to the mountaigne of Glowberwy;^ the Wedeninesdaie to a manour in the Dounes * amonge the monntaignes ; the Satur- daie to the cyte of Dabberden,* a faire castell and a good towne upon the see, and taried ther v dales ; and thedar was brought the Kynges enemy Syr Thomas Worhne,* Sir Hugh Saint John did take and xij with hyni.

An alliance (memorable as the beginning of a foreign policy on the part of Scotland) was formed with Norway and France, and a Scottish army crossed the border on what proved to be an unsuccessful invasion of England. In Speed's map it appears as Jiiiergu U, ^' Faraell, near Montrose. The Fridaie after wente to Kyntom ^ manner ; the Saturdaie to Fyuin^ Castell; the Sundaie to Banet Castell;® the Mundaie to incolan maner ;® the Tuesdaie in tentis in Lannoy ^® upon the ryver to repenathe ^^ maner in the counte of Morenue ; the Thurs- daie to the cite of Deigm,^^ a good Castell and a good towne, and taried ther ij daies; the Sundaie to Eosers Maner." The Kynge sente the same daie Syr John Cantelow,^* Syr Hugh Spencer and Syr John Hastynges to serche the countrey of Badenasshe and sente the Bishopp of Dwi-eysm ^^ with his people over the mountaynes by another way then he wente hymselfe ; the Mundaie he wente into Interkeratche,^^ wher ther was no more then iij houses in a rowe between too mountaignes.

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Maintain attribution The Google "watermark" you see on each file is essential for informing people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. White Kirk-Wiel, 4 ; Whitekirk, near North Berwick, ^neas Syl- yius's pilgrimage to, 25, no U.

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