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Out of the blue comes Nora's father Max Dugan, who left her and her mother when Nora was nine years old.He brings a suitcase with dollar bills and showers her and Michael with gifts, trying to make up for lost time, knowing that he has a fatal heart ailment.The spoilers were like an old road map, the blood of my wife staining the grids. A former NYPD detective and DEA Agent, his wife and daughter were murdered by junkies three years prior to the events of the first game.I could see some of the roads, but others were a blur, lost beneath crimson smudges. This causes him to go undercover hunting for the source of the drug, 'Valkyr'.Despite his youth, Max Holloway has shown off some very mature skills thus far, but now he takes a big step up against Dustin Poirier, one of the featherweight division’s top rising stars, and when the bell rings, anything can happen.Max Holloway brings us to his home in Hawaii to get a behind the scenes look at where he came from, and some of the kids he helps motivate from his home town.Now, 20-year old Max Holloway and 22-year old Justin Lawrence make their case for the young guns of MMA.

At 6-foot-4, UFC newcomer Will Chope is one of the tallest fighters in featherweight history.

The money comes from his shady career in Las Vegas and Nora is dating a police who is very interested in meeting him...

When Brian Costello is interrogating Nora Mc Phee at her school she is walking away from him in an empty gymnasium.

A mid-level, high-strung Mob boss under Lupino that Max is forced to deal with.

Max reflects that Vinnie has the brains to run the business, but is a coward with no guts to back it up.

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