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“It took over ten takes [for us to get it]” Duffy confided. Shubert wants to use Mark’s DNA to strengthen regular ol’ human DNA and then sell that DNA to the highest bidder(s).In Meltdown, Duffy and Montgomery must deal with rising ocean tides – the source of which the twosome discovers is a giant microwave. Why Shubert just can’t ask for Mark’s DNA and instead has to go through some elaborate scheme like building a giant microwave and destroying the polar icecaps isn’t ever fully explicated – other than the fact that the guy is sort of a prick.

Appearing in a variety of television shows and movies throughout the 1970s, Montgomery received her first substantial television role on the sci-fi program "Man from Atlantis." Playing the role of Dr.

This night however – , a little seen/oft forgotten/not particularly good show, got it’s due. the Man from Atlantis) has been recruited by the vibe – with Duffy/Mark as Kirk and Montgomery/Elizabeth as the pseudo-Uhura.

Various crew members will stare out, flipping random switches, spouting various lines of jargon while looking incredibly pensive as the ship…

The contacts were hand painted with green airplane paint – and at one point, Duffy, who had had just enough, demanded that he no longer be required to wear these horrible contacts.

The producers told Duffy “that if he didn’t wear the contacts, they wouldn’t shoot any close-ups, only wides.” And so there was a standoff on set; however because the role was Duffy’s first big break and because of the miniscule pay he received (“Pathetic pay” the actor noted), Duffy inevitably gave into wearing the airplane painted contacts.

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