Become a player online dating

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A genuine guy will care about the things that are important to you.

A player only cares about the things that matter to him.

In the online dating game, wouldn't you like to be able to tell right off the bat if a guy will be a good match for you?

Even better, don't you want to see the red flags in his profile before your date ends up being a total disaster?

To me that means that guy is gonna be kind of having a give-and-take when it comes to a relationship. And I know this sounds funny but if the user name is gottahavesex19 I’m sorry that usually means what kind of guy he is and what he’s after.

Or is he just trying to sell you and just talking about himself the entire time and how great he is? But with that being said ladies, you have to be clear on what it is you want at this moment in time.

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If he’s not talking about getting serious, he isn’t serious about the relationship.

Ladies, if he is wearing something that is inappropriate or if he’s half naked or if he’s taking it in his bathroom he’s probably after one thing, so really pay attention to that. The second thing is to look at the content of what he is writing.

The other thing is the picture clear or is it really hard to see him? Maybe he doesn’t even care about this whole dating thing. The other thing is, is he in a picture with a bunch of women? Overall, is there a nice flow to his writing almost as if there is a conversation going on?

If you want to have a little fun and just date lightly and you want to, you know, flavor those kind of guys then go for it.

If you want a relationship, look at the key elements online that would detect a relationship kind of guy.

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