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Vs 3.9.8 as of 2016-10-27 Downloads | Checklist | Manual | →Fr ACT Blog On smartfone? Acuity Cheat Sheet Even while updates are in testing, a completely new version w/o Flash is developed. This is the free, multi-platform Freiburg Visual Acuity Test Contrast Test Vernier Test Grating Test.You can run the tests below within your browser (for security, “result→clipboard” is then disabled) or download as a stand-alone program.

each eye at 18 trials, ideally in an ABBA scheme) and take the mean. Because every 6th trial is a “bonus trial”, where the optotype is presented at 3 times its current threshold estimate. Rather than change the settings each time (with the danger to forget something), be informed that the SETTINGS state is stored per Fr ACT file.

It is employed all over the world in vision labs, by optometrists, ophthalmologists and in clinical trials (→Who used Fr ACT in over 100 publications) and has been verified in independent laboratories (→Descriptions & Validations).

– Optotypes include Landolt ring, tumbling E, Sloan letters, and faces.

– Results can be displayed as log MAR, Snellen fraction, or decimal acuity; full details can be exported for data processing.

For an overview see this English introduction or eine deutsche Einführung.

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