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She will revel in her power and you will suffer as a result.

Why not come and tell her how pleasing it was to be owned by her?

It's a amazing how quick you can remove your clothes when under pressure..

Before you know it you're naked in front of your master, and your erection shows your obvious pleasure at finding yourself in this situation.

I've just clasped my cuffs onto your wrists and I'm moving to put the ones on I have for your ankles.

It feels good to have an old bastard like you at my mercy.

If she tells you to smile while she whips your cock and balls, that's what you'll do.

You body mind and soul will belong to your mistress for however long the session lasts.

She shoves you forward and you instinctively bend at your waist. It gets so intense sometimes that you find yourself releasing your cock under your table and discreetly wanking off while everyone around you works hard. Then of course I could introduce you to some old style schooling.

You're walking down the street having just finished your late shift at work.

While you're minding your own business you hear wheels screeching to a halt behind you.

Your master approves of this sign, as he now knows you will do anything for him in order to be given a change to relieve yourself.

So he orders you to walk over to the gym horse on the other side of the room.

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