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Someone who can also provide a good life for our future family, someday because I want my life to be better with someone I love someday.

Transgender people in China seek understanding and recognition from society.

I'm looking for someone that takes love seriously just like as I do. I am really fun to be with because I don't want life to be sad & full of dramas.

I'm serious about looking for someone to love here. As long as they know that they can respect my side, then I think we can work things out.

MEN NEED TO UNDERSTAND THIS: I am a decent woman with a decent intention in this site. So in short, I want marriage first before anything. I AM ONLY DOING SEX WITH A MAN AFTER WE GET MARRIED.

Male to female (Mt F) engineer Minda Chen is the director of Trans-Life, a non-profit education and service organization founded in January 2015 in Beijing by 16 transgender people.Someone who's not hurrying into marriage until I finish my studies.Because, I really value the worth of having a good education.Caring, loving, understanding, open-minded, optimistic, and most of all, I want a partner who's very sweet & someone who'll respect me, my family, my beliefs in life.Someone who's not hurrying i..more I want my partner to be just like what my attitude is so that we can be compatible with one another.

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