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How he slept in his caped Aragorn costume while making the 'Lord of the Rings'trilogy; how he walked barefoot around New Zealand for most of the three years he was there; how he stashes chocolate on his person like a marsupial, foisting blocks of it on unsuspecting costars and journalists; how he makes experimental records with his friend Buckethead, the enigmatic former guitarist of Guns N' Roses who's known for wearing a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket on his head.Elijah Wood, Mortensen's friend and 'Rings'costar, recounts how Mortensen called his cell phone for weeks, leaving nonsensical messages in the accent of a German military officer.It's hard to imagine Viggo Mortensen pouncing on Oprah's couch.

He has also launched an independent publishing house, Perceval Press, through which he produces a small stream of art books and CDs.

He shows up in a Camry to our interview in a state park about an hour and a half from Watertown, New York, a leafy military town near Lake Ontario where he graduated from high school and still visits occasionally.

Dressed in a David Wright New York Mets T-shirt tucked into wide-leg blue jeans, he looks as if he's going to the hardware store to buy a nail gun. Loves acting, the immersion, even the rehearsals, but tries to avoid everything else.

Has one request: that the photographer please not airbrush out the jagged scar above his upper lip. Hell, when he lost the Oscar in 2008 for best actor, he danced. " Mortensen says, after we walk down a trail to a lakeside picnic table.

"So on the way out of the big auditorium, the Kodak, I went over to these people and said, 'Hey, let's do a losers dance.' I started jumping, and they were just horrified at this loss they just suffered, you know?

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