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(He did lots of surgeries and he was one of the best) I never thought to take half of his money because this would just drag on and I knew that Doc was going to wake up and realize that he lost his father and got a divorce in the same month. A kitten just showed up in our yard in Florida one day. Doc’s mother had a black and white dog that passed away.

(Bu Tu’)When I met Doc, I had a cat that my sister gave me.

“I thought it would be more fun that way,” Green told PEOPLE of her thought process behind the party theme.

“A lot of the onesies [decorated at the shower] were works of art, so I’m not sure if she’ll be wearing them or if we’ll hang them up in her room,” added the comedian at the time. ” For an all-access look at the arrival day of Glo Zell’s bundle of joy, tune in Monday, Aug.

“Shawna is doing great,” a rep for Green, 44, tells PEOPLE.

“Glo Zell and SK are overjoyed and their baby girl is healthy and adorable!

The You Tube comedian and her husband Kevin Simon welcomed their first child together, daughter O’Zell Gloriana De Green Simon, on Thursday, Aug. O’Zell was born via surrogate Shawna Johnson at p.m., weighing 8 lbs., 10 oz. Her name honors Glo Zell’s family – O’Zell was her late father’s name, Gloriana is a nod to her mother, Gloria, and De is for her sister, De Onzell. (Duh, no one is going to put up with what I put up with. Glo Zell you will not make it in California without me. No one is ever going to love you and you might as well go back to Florida today! I think somewhere in his mother’s mind she was by herself and that Doc was a man that she could never get. Also Doc was feeling guilt and lost over his father. Dee gave the kitten to me for my birthday July 30th. Doc’s mother said it was too soon so Doc was stuck with this dog.(I didn’t know that until after the wedding) Doc offers to fix my kitten for free. (I didn’t ask for the cat or the dog) I said nothing. I had to move out of that apartment because I didn’t want to have to work just to keep the apartment. I found someone who would take the animals while I was moving. He said that I’m their father and I will take care of them. (I’m crying now as I write this because that’s all I had left). I would beg just to see them through the car window. My sister Dee dropped breadcrumbs and it followed her into the house. So Doc bought her the same breed of dog the same week. I guess Doc felt bad and one day he brought me a kitten that jumped all over the place. Doc texted me that he is keeping the Dog and he gave away the cat to a good home. I told Doc we could separate for as long as he liked. (Think without that devil you call mother) I will not live feeling like you just going to pull out divorce papers on me when you feel like it. When I got home, I told my parents that Doc killed my cat! And even though I didn’t want too I loved the cat also.(In California) Doc said fine.

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