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The disconnect between what the ethnicity preference actually means and what the users expect it to mean ends up being a frustrating disappointment for daters.

Coffee Meets Bagel selling point is its algorithm based on data from its site.

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Amanda Chicago Lewis (who now works at Buzz Feed) wrote about her similar experience on Coffee Meets Bagel for LA Weekly : “I've been on the site for almost three months, and fewer than a third of my matches and I have had friends in common.

So how does the algorithm find the rest of these dudes? ”Anecdotally, other friends and colleagues who have used the app all had a similiar experience: white and Asian women who had no preference were shown mostly Asian men; latino men were shown only latina women.

All agreed that this racial siloing was not what they were hoping for in potential matches. Yet Coffee Meets Bagel argues that they actually are hoping for racial matches — even if they don’t know it.

I know that distinction may seem silly, but it's how the algorithm works currently.

Some of this is due to simple supply and demand of the one-to-one matching ratio.

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