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[....]" *Trivia: "[....] A large space storm in 1989 made currents on the ground that caused a failure in the Hydro-Quebec electric power system. John Tower."1989 - Oil Spill / Exxon Valdez, Alaska - March 24th, 1989: "Good Friday, The nation's worst oil spill occurred as the supertanker Exxon Valdez ran into Bligh Reef in Alaska's Prince William Sound and began leaking 11 million gallons of crude." *Trivia: "Exxon Mobil Corp.This prevented 6 million people in Canada and the US from having electricity for over 9 hours. has paid .2 billion [as of March 2004] for cleanup and fees in the 1989 oil spill in Valdez, Alaska.Despite his prize he remained modest about his achievements.[....] Berners-Lee first proposed the Web in 1989 while developing ways to control computers remotely at CERN, the European nuclear research lab near Geneva.[....]1989 - Conflict / Beirut Lebanon - March 8th, 1989: "In Lebanon, daily artillery barrages between Christian and Syrian forces and their militia allies began in Beirut; at least 930 people were killed before a cease-fire took hold the following September."1989 - "Great Magnetic Storm" / Power Failure, Canada & U. The string of events that produced the collapse took only 90 seconds from start to finish. The transformer failure was a direct consequence of ground induced currents from a space weather disturbance high in the atmosphere.6 million people lost electrical power for 9 or more hours. Secretary of Defense / Dick Cheney - March 17th, 1989: "The Senate unanimously confirmed Wyoming Congressman Dick Cheney to be secretary of defense, following the failed nomination of former Sen.Hundreds of thousands of discontented Chinese took to the streets of Beijing, demanding more reform - but the military crushed the protests in the Tiananmen Square crackdown. Ren Wanding was also again jailed for giving speeches in the pro-democracy protests." 1989 - 1989 - Off Line / Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Plant - "Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Plant owned by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District goes off line.The 913 megawatt facility is closed by a vote of the electorate in June 1989."1989 - Ozone Treaty - July 1st, 1989: "The Montreal Protocol, which was an international treaty dealing with ozone-destroying pollutants, went into effect. Higgins, unless Israel released Sheik Abdul-Karim Obeid, a cleric seized by Israeli commandos." 1989 - 1989 - Multiple Opposition - "A Multiple Opposition includes two or more conjuncting planets opposed by one or more planets in the opposite sign.

1989 - Voyager 2 / Neptune - August 21st, 1989: "The U. space probe Voyager 2 fired its thrusters to bring it closer to Neptune's mysterious moon Triton.A logarithmic increase began 7 March at about 0600, continuing until the onset of the main eruption at about 1300.[....]" *Trivia: "Pacaya is a complex volcano constructed on the S rim of the 14 x 16 km Pleistocene Amatitlan Caldera.Gorbachev met with Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, formally ending a 30-year rift between the two Communist powers."Thousands of native Chinese marched in Hong Kong, Paris, Tokyo and scores of other cities in a worldwide show of support for the pro-democracy demonstrators in Beijing." 1989 - Protest Marches / China - May 23rd, 1989: China's top army command published a letter strongly supporting hard-line Premier Li Peng, who was reportedly locked in a power struggle with rival factions who opposed his strong stance against student protesters." 1989 fuel for a potent mix of corruption and double-digit inflation. Bao Tong was the only Communist Party official arrested in the Tianamen Square uprising. Han Dongfang, leader of China's first independent trade union spent 22 months behind bars for his role in the pro-democracy uprising.

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