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It spans several miles from east to west and the farther west you head, the more “tourist-friendly” it becomes, with hotels, bars, restaurants, and frozen yogurt shops lining the street.The is a very popular running and exercise spot for locals, too; there are even outdoor gyms set up with body and hand weight machines available for use.The Dominican Republic is a country known to many for its all-inclusive beach resorts; a place where you can bask in sunshine and turquoise waters while indulging in food and drink and swaying to the sounds of Latin music.Fewer people know the Dominican Republic as a country chock-full of incredible history: powerful resistance movements; passionate human rights protests.There are plenty of hotel options, from budget-friendly to budget-busting.I stayed at the Hotel Mercure which had its own restaurant that served breakfast every morning, as well as a patio that spilled right onto the a great people-watching spot!It is thought that they arrived from the north via the isthmus of Panama in search of new lands.

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Until recently, Chavín de Huántar was considered to be one of the oldest cultural focal points, dating back to a maximum of 1500 BC.Beautiful, old architecture lines the narrow streets; doors and windows are painted in bright, bold colors.The main drag is the , a cobblestone street open only to pedestrians with lots of shops, restaurants, and food and art vendors lining its sides.As agriculture developed, the first settlements and cultures began to appear.Latest research concludes that the first civilization in Peru began with the Caral, considered to be the most ancient in the Americas, dating back some 5,000 years, when urban development in the rest of the Americas is thought to have begun 1,550 years later.

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