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Lande: Did you hear more complaints from girls or guys or across the board about not being able to find someone? Men also have the same complaints but they might be a bit shy and afraid to admit it.Often times men would say I have no issue meeting someone but if you ask more questions you'll realize they have issues meeting great people too.In my effort to remain connected to things related to Nigeria and Africa, I caught up with Tunde, one of two founders of a new invite-only dating site for Africans, If you're a professional of African descent, this website is perfect for meeting like-minded professionals in your local area or abroad.Tunde: I'm not sure there's a big difference in standards.I think what we hear is that people want more options.On the topic of things like interracial dating for instance, a few things have come up.Some say that more races are approachable than other races or there's nothing against black women or black men but sometimes we just want to try something different. The outcome of the conversation was that it can happen in a relationship but the key thing is communication.

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We hoped to provide a forum for discussion, which became pillow talk.

If they go out to a bar or to a club it might be fun for the night but they are not meeting someone they could date for the long term.

These are awesome people too -- great backgrounds, very eloquent, attractive but for whatever reason they could not find someone to date.

When we first launched we had a lot of members that were consultants, bankers, and a few graduate students.

As it grew we started to see diversity, so we have entrepreneurs, people in graduate schools and different professions, which I think is cool. We have found that women are more comfortable discussing their issues with finding someone.

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