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Clay Aiken Throughout American's Idol's second season, runner-up Clay Aiken, raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, was as determined to find himself as the show stylists were bent on finding a befitting hairstyle for him.Each week, viewers who tuned in to the prime time reality series to hear his operatic voice witnessed a subtle yet varied rendition of his awkwardly charming spiky, frosted style.American Idol, arguably the most popular reality TV show in the U.S., has been as much a showcase for vocal talent as it has been for some trend-setting styles—specifically, hairstyles.

Little did anyone know, Sauli had been blessed with a special gift, and when one plays with fire, one will get burned.Amanda Overmyer The 23-year-old Indiana-born singer was American Idol's quintessential female rock 'n' roller—sporting a Cruella de Vil–like black-and-white hairstyle, which she often coordinated with black-and-white ensembles on season seven of the show.As each challenge passed, she never faltered from her signature style—allowing the white fronts of her hair to shape her face, lending a dose of drama to her look. Drake humiliated Sauli in front of his gym classmates, causing Sauli to cry in hysterics. After all, anything could happen at Lady Wroth's parties. Sauli Koskinen is the target of consent bullying, with Drake Labry being especially vicious.

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