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The female is chirping at me and making her back flat. 5 week old budgie eats too little and sleeps too much The mother of the baby budgie died and I took it home to raise it. why is my 15 week african grey parrot scraching its self ? Indian ring neck dive rolling to the ground because it's scared My Indian ring neck dives to the ground and summer salts I think it's really scared but I can get him on my shoulder he will walk up my hand but I can't … Bird Itching or Cleaning for 14 week old Indian Ringneck Hi, I have a 14-15 week old Indian Ringneck, I have just noticed in the past day he has started either cleaning himself or scratching in between his feathers. Introducing a new budgie to a female who lost her mate a moth ago In mid November, I wrote asking what to do about my male budgie who was sick. How do I teach baby female king parrot to eat seed We found an injured baby female king parrot close to death and have nursed it back to health with wambaroo rearing mix. Pet Insurance and Personal identificaion for Amazon Parrot We're currently adding an amazon parrot to our family and were curious about pet insurance.I understand its the weening period so i put some seed in a shallow dish inside his … why is my 15 week old african grey parrot, scraching itself on his left side, we have only just brought him home. I just got a new female cockateil and I think it's sick I Just got my cockateil 4 days ago. I've heard that VPI is a popular policy but haven't heard …How many babies dos a blue-crowned hanging parrot have?How many babies does a blue-crowned hanging parrot have?

25 yr old yellow nape amazon starting to bite Have had Punky for 25 years. He recently decided he does not like my hair down because he goes crazy and slams the bars … The more I feed and care for them, the more wild birds i see and hear, the more I want to know. How long is it okay for a pacific parrotlet to be by themselves? All of my life I have lived on a farm and had dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, horses, you name it, and I've … I never put the small bells in his cage but most of his toys have medium sized bells on them and he shakes them around … Please help I took my bird Tinkerbelle to the vet on 4-25 because he was shivering he does quake like a quaker but this was different. my parrot acts like it is choking or having trouble breathing Our 18 year old parrot has these attacks where you can hear him making a wheezing like sound. Bird bites going in the cage - out of the cage or if touched A month ago we bought a quaker parrot that was not tamed. My African grey looks weary and is bringing mucas up I've noticed tonight that my African grey is drinking lots of water and bringing mucas up after! I just adopted a BFA 30 yrs old and a 12 yr old mini mccall The Amazon attacks me,,, then the mccall will run after me ,,help,, I just adopted a BFA 30 yrs old and a 12 yr old mini mccall, apparently both were … Should I clean out the old wood chips and replace it with clean wood … What causes my Goffin to have jerking motions at times? Moluccan Cockatoo has a ring around one of his eyes This condition began months ago as a red eye lid, then it turned grey. I'm getting a tamed baby macaw and i don't know how big his cage should be.I have had my mini macaw (Max) for a few months, we have a good relationship, but when he gets on my shoulder he pecks my shoulders, neck and hair, what … My new baby conure is biting but not aggressively...double yellow headed amazon - biting after almost 3 years. Has started biting me and appears angry after almost three years. I just got a baby conure yesturday and he is so smart, cute and friendly.I've been giving him clean water everyday, and adding to his food bowl every … I Recently bought a baby male african grey all is well... This is my first bird so what do I have to look for to prevind fighting ?? Indian Ring neck nodds its head, Eeeks alot and how do i wean her onto food?Young Male Cockatiel Seems Not to Know How to Mate Hi, Our 9-month old male lives with our 18-year old female. Help I have a 4 year old male coffin who started plucking almost 2 years ago. But i want to know how many times a day i should hand feed him like a time schedule.. Can baby conures be disformed by their parents when stressed? I left home for four days for family and I didn't want to take my birds with me because they had just had … please help:) My indian ringneck is 8 weeks old we got him/her 2 weeks ago we are still giving him/her the handraising mix 3-4 times a day..was very quiet at first, … 5 Mo old Congo African Grey (genetic red mutation) I just bought my Congo yesterday from the aviary. (they dont sell them unless weaned and perched) He's got allot of red scalloping …

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