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Purple Pants: sorry cap DAGUDCAP: there are a couple of shops near Time's Square I've been meaning to tryguest-43684: Ricky's is my personal favorite. ILOVETONYSTARK: he'll thank me Bruce: you're on Clint. Bruce: alright, I actually lol Bruce: *loledtashcosh: Fury's going to have a hell of a time with you when he gets here ILOVETONYSTARK: WHY WOULD HE GET HERE UNLESS YOU INVITED HIMILOVETONYSTARK: YOU DID DIDNT YOU TRAITORILOVETONYSTARK: UNFORGIVABLE SIN *tashcosh changed name to insovietrussiawidowsquishyou. ILOVETONYSTARK: we shouldn't even have to do paperwork ILOVETONYSTARK: hey guys if they keep pulling the mission report bullshit on us I say we just LET the giant slug mate with the empire state building next time. Peeps: but also kind of sweetinsovietrussiawidowsquishyou: those weren't cooing noises it was making, clint. ILOVETONYSTARK: my imagination can't take me much further than a giant slug humping a national icon DABADCAP: Agreed ILOVETONYSTARK: oh shut UP Steve your imagination can't take you past the idea of a skirt shorter than ankle length Peeps: lol HAMMERBRO: MY IMAGINATION CAN TAKE ME VERY FAR SINCE I AM NOT FROM THIS REALM : FPeeps: oh god is fury done yet my hands are starting to cramp ILOVETONYSTARK: ah but when you're shooting at my robots with arrows all day they're juuuuuuust fine. insovietrussiawidowsquishyou: if you hadn't taken your sweet time with my food massage they wouldn't be Bruce: food massage?

Purple Pants: hahaha ILOVETONYSTARK: awwww was it really painful 3tashcosh: you only won six dollars clint Bruce: Oh it's something Tony and Clint do on Sunday nights now Purple Pants: yeah and sorry but only Thor, Bruce and nat are still invited. FIFTEEN BUCKSILOVETONYSTARK: since paperwork is like porn to coulson I'll just give him a little extra work to do. Peeps: oh god he hasn't said anything yet Peeps: alright bruce emergency bet fury has not said anything yet because he's typing a page long capslock yelling at us ILOVETONYSTARK: WELL, DIRECTOR? Peeps: oh and fury if you're reading this please insert one 'motherfucker' into the rant, thanks.insovietrussiawidowsquishyou: Now clint, that's cheating. Peeps: No one said I couldn't make suggestions DABADCAP: None of this would be happening if you had all just done your paperwork. ILOVETONYSTARK: this is history being made, Stevie. I'd bet you and princess steve would crayon clothes on all the naked people in the art museum for being improper ILOVETONYSTARK: damn, fury mustve tuckered himself out and fallen asleep on his keyboard aww MEMO TO ALL S.

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ILOVETONYSTARK: then guess I'm sure you know it by heart. HAMMERBRO: I WILL MAKE SURE NO CHILDREN ARE HARMD BY THE CONTENT OF THIS CHATILOVETONYSTARK: So just SAY THE PASSWORD or you can go back to weeping over radio serials or watching racist black and white cartoons and reading tiajuana bibles or whatever it is you doaccurateaim: Tony, I should tell pepper on you. HAMMERBRO: : E : DILOVETONYSTARK: got cap to say vajayjay. Additionally, if you originally registered with the Walgreens Photo Center, try signing in and then clicking on the Shop Walgreens link in the top right corner.requires that your Internet browser accepts cookies in order to sign in to our website.Dedicated to Keeley and Ally, who put in a substantial amount of input and were there every step of the way as I went through the very fun process of writing this. ILOVETONYSTARK: LOLOLOLBruce: burn HAMMERBRO: : UPurple Pants: you're sexier in fic anyways Purple Pants: fanfic Natasha would let me try that one thing on her that i've mentioned a few times Bruce: Wow.tashcosh: I'm afraid you'll hurt yourself. DAGUDCAP: So I'm going to assume the majority of these links are written pornography like... Bruce: And visual, if what Tony showed me yesterday is any indication. ILOVETONYSTARK: there are some visuals in there ;)ILOVETONYSTARK: honestly, they flatter you too much in the third one from the bottom DAGUDCAP: um DAGUDCAP: Ew. HAMMERBRO: ENLARGENOW TRUE PRODUCT GOOD RESULT XXX? Peeps: ITS SUPER ABSORBANTILOVETONYSTARK: BLASPHEMY. ILOVETONYSTARK: Fury's epic speech about how we suck will be a gentle breeze, okay. Agent Coulson: all of the Twilight-like writings on the Internet are, these days. Bruce: you should've just stayed quiet, Phil.insovietrussiawidowsquishyou: we had almost forgotten you were here. All typos are intentional, and warning for little to no shame. DAGUDCAP: You're actually right, Tony.tashcosh: I'm assuming veiny muscles? ILOVETONYSTARK: this chat is the best thing in the world.insovietrussiawidowsquishyou: Tony don't let him. HAMMERBRO: DON'T LET HIM WHAT.insovietrussiawidowsquishyou: It'll do something to that brand new Stark Pad of his, Stark. Peeps: Stark Pad sounds like a feminine hygiene product. DABADCAP: Y'know, the fanfiction version of you says something like that to the fanfiction version of me in 50 Stripes of Iron.tampontime: I'll take my chances, Stark. ILOVETONYSTARK: HOLD THE PHONE A TWILIGHT REFERENCE THIS CHAT HAS FINALLY COME FULL CIRCLE.

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