Accomodating students with special

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The accommodation simply helps her work around her challenges.

This is what makes accommodations different from modifications.

Make a verbal statement inviting students with a disability to request accommodations.

Put a statement, such as the following, on your syllabi, “If you have a disability and would like to request accommodations, please contact Access Ability Services, located in Wilder Hall B4, at 413-538-2646 or [email protected]

Read on to learn more about what accommodations are and how they can help your child.

Accommodations are changes that remove barriers and provide your child with equal access to learning.

Some of these accommodations are provided informally.

Often, though, there’s a specific process you need to follow to get them.

To learn more, read how the Americans with Disabilities Act protects your child.

For the child who struggles to write out answers on tests, an accommodation may be to have her give answers orally. Here are four categories of accommodations for different needs. It doesn’t take much, for example, for the teacher to move your child’s seat away from a noisy classroom door that’s distracting.

If you think accommodations may help your child, talk to her teacher. If your child needs bigger changes, however, you may want to seek formal accommodations.

By using an audiobook, she can learn history without her reading issues getting in the way. Accommodations don’t change what your child is expected to know or learn. Your child may use an audiobook in American history, but she’s still expected to learn about events like the Civil War.

And she still must complete all assignments and take exams, just like her peers.

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