Accomodating students with mood disorders

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The ratio of patient to nurse is usually four patients to one nurse.

On each shift a patient is assigned a nurse who will introduce themselves to each of their patients.

Written for all classroom teachers, this book helps you understand generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), nonverbal learning disability (NVLD), Asperger’s syndrome, depression, ADHD, and other mental health issues and learning problems.

Learn how to recognize the symptoms, respond appropriately, and meet students’ learning needs.

Everyone can feel anxious in certain circumstances whether it’s because of an everyday problem (e.g., school stress) or life situation (e.g., health concern).

You’ll feel anxious for a limited time and then return to a normal state, usually when the stressful situation or event has resolved.

Each morning the psychiatrists meet briefly with each patient to discuss symptoms and their treatment plan.

Written by a clinical psychologist, this user-friendly, jargon-free guide describes mental health and learning disorders often observed in schoolchildren, explains how each might be exhibited in the classroom, and offers expert suggestions on what to do (and sometimes what not to do).

In addition, the book discusses the role of the school in addressing mental health and learning disorders, helps you plan for assessing students’ needs, and outlines effective classroom policies and procedures.

Bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic depression, is a psychiatric disorder characterized by severe and unusual changes in energy level, mood, and interactions with others.

The mood swings associated with bipolar disorder are unpredictable and range from mania (elevated or irritable mood) to depression (a mood characterized by loss of interest and sadness).

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