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She said that people were increasingly seeking a “balance between security and creative freedom” and that by achieving this, employees would likely be more motivated overall in whatever role they do.Freelance and so-called gig economy work has exploded in popularity in recent years, especially through the emergence of e-retail platforms, like Amaozn, e Bay and, but there are concerns that the current policy network in the UK is not capable of accommodating that trend.The company said that it saw double-digit annual revenue growth from both its and sites in 2016.

The report shows that the majority of employees say that they would keep their “side hustle” a secret from their main employer, out of fear of not gaining their support, but experts on workplace culture argue that by being supportive, an employer stands to benefit as much as the employee.At the time it was cautiously welcomed by some employment lawyers and campaigners, but unions attacked it for not going far enough to clamp down on unethical practices, especially within the rapidly evolving gig economy.I have been a resident of The Heights for the past 2 years. great customer service and security around the community It is very nice and good community to live. There is very little disturbance, calm, good office staff and quick response on the maintanance service. Overall very satisified with the apartment The Heights is an excellent place to rent in.The ongoing shift in focus toward digital channels comes with a high cost for legacy retailers — Macy’s said that it expects to lose 5 million in sales this year because of the 68 store closings — but investing sufficiently in a digital presence is no longer optional as the e-commerce market grows larger.E-commerce has been on the rise in the last several years, thanks in large part to titans in the industry such as Amazon and Alibaba.

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