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I have had the pleasure (and pains) of putting together this 56-page magazine annually for the last 12 years.

It is chockfull of information about Lehigh Valley.

For a brief moment, it seems the distance is nothing but perhaps a result of a disagreement.

However, descriptions of Shukumar and Shoba’s changed physical appearances begin to hint at something much more than a lovers’ quarrel.

During late October, her mother buys a large pumpkin, which Lilia insists she carves. Pirzada offers his help and ends up doing most of the cutting. Kapasi the story of an affair she once had, and that her son Bobby had been born out of her adultery. Kapasi because of his profession; she hopes he can interpret her feelings and make her feel better as he does for his patients, translating without passing judgment. Kapasi reveals his disappointment in her and points out her guilt, Mrs. The neglectful Das parents don’t notice as the monkeys, following Mrs. Boori Ma is a feeble 64-year-old woman from Calcutta who is the stairsweeper, or durwan, of an old brick building.

When news of a potential war between India and West Pakistan over East Pakistan is reported, the knife slips from Mr. Das look and act young to the point of childishness, go by their first names when talking to their children, Ronny, Bobby, and Tina, and seem selfishly indifferent to the kids. Kapasi about his job as a tour guide, and he tells them about his weekday job as an interpreter in a doctor’s office. Kapasi’s wife resents her husband’s job because he works at the doctor’s clinic that previously failed to cure their son of typhoid fever. Kapasi begins to develop a romantic interest in Mrs. Das, picturing them building a relationship to translate the transcontinental gap between them. Das’s food trail, surround their son, Bobby, isolating the son born of a different father. In exchange for her services, the residents allow Boori Ma to sleep in front of the collapsible gates leading into the tenement.

We soon find out that both characters’ worn outward appearance results from their internal, emotional strife that has caused such deeply woven alienation from each other.

One last confession is given first by Shoba, then another by Shukumar at the end of "A Temporary Matter".

Because of this, she decides one night to eat the candy he gives her, pray, and forgo brushing her teeth so that the magic of the candy through prayer will remain.

She also tries her best to learn as much about Pakistan as possible from her school library. Das walks away towards her family, she leaves a trail of crumbs of puffed rice snacks, and monkeys begin to trail her. Kapasi returns Bobby to his parents, and looks on as they clean up their son.

However, the constant television news of the East Pakistan-West Pakistan War informs her about Mr.

Pirzada's differences as well as his current plight.

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