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As a domestic feature the dome is less common, tending only to be a feature of the grandest houses and palaces during the Baroque period.

Construction of domes in the Muslim world reached its peak during the 16th – 18th centuries, when the Ottoman, Safavid and Mughal Empires, ruling an area of the World compromising North Africa, the Middle East and South- and Central Asia, applied lofty domes to their religious buildings to create a sense of heavenly transcendence.

Russian domes are often gilded or brightly painted, and typically have a carcass and an outer shell made of wood or metal.

The onion dome became another distinctive feature in the Russian architecture, often in combination with the tented roof.

This tradition continued unabated after the adoption of Christianity in the Byzantine (East Roman) religious and secular architecture, culminating in the revolutionary pendentive dome of the 6th century church Hagia Sophia.

Squinches, the technique of making a transition from a square shaped room to a circular dome, was most likely invented by the ancient Persians.

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Yet the most unforgettable part of this enchanting city is undoubtedly the thousands of gorgeous and friendly ladies who wait for us there!Indeed the use of domes as a feature of Islamic architecture has gotten its roots from Persia (see gonbad, gongbei).An original tradition of using multiple domes was developed in the church architecture in Russia, which had adopted Orthodox Christianity from Byzantium.Why not see the Saint-Petersburg, the finest pearl of Russia, from a unique perspective and have your sweethearts living outside Russia joined you for a creative, romantic and unique tour.TOURS IN SAINT-PETERBURG, RUSSIA Saint-Petersburg offers the best a Romance Tour destination.

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