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Synopsis: Story of a White Male who thinks he is meeting his online Mistress and Master for a weekend. They enslave him and introduce him to the black dominant society where wealthy blacks enslave whites for a lifetime of servitude. We had kennels and I would go out there at night naked and put my self in the kennel and pretend my owner had put me there.

Because I never talked to any body about it or saw anything about it. My thoughts totally centered around women, being around or with a male was gross.

When I began my first semester of college I was 19 years of age. The first thing I did when got my own apartment, me new computer, and internet access of american online was to begin my research about a domme/sub lifestyle. The first weekend I stayed home and read and read and read and played and played and masturbated 28 times in 3 days. Within in the first week I discovered websites where you could place personal ads as a slave looking for a Mistress.

My thoughts and desire of being dominated by a male and female couple was more of being her servant and sex slave and just being his servant more than serving him sexually.

Although, my desires were becoming more and more interested in perhaps sucking a cock or being taken, but since I have yet to lick pussy or get laid and my thoughts sexually were more of being with dominant woman primarily.

I saw this one picture on the web of a very attractive man and woman couple standing up, both were naked and laying on the ground next to them were two naked and bound slaves looking up at them. I came just looking at that picture and thinking of being part of owned submissive couple and dominated by a dominant couple.

And after that, every fantasy I had was of serving a dominant couple.

I had a lot of ideas but was not sure if others felt the same.I had high expectations of the couple I wanted to serve.As I come from a nice family; am good looking; have a nice body; am submissive and feel I offer a lot as a slave. I told them I was new and just wanted to learn a lot about the subject and that I was not ready to make love or engage in oral sex as I wanted that to be taken from me.I posted a picture of me in swimming shorts but covered my face.I was impressed with the response I began to receive.

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